What is an In-Depth Credit Analysis in Newport Beach, CA?

Are you planning a major purchase like a car or house? Knowing your credit score and how it can be improved can help you get lower interest rates and more money-saving products. Spearhead Credit Solutions offers in-depth credit analysis services to help you reduce your debt and fix your credit score.

This assessment will determine your FICO score while looking deeply into all other elements on your credit reports, including any negative items that may exist.

Here is what goes into the typical credit analysis by our credit repair experts.

Obtain Your Credit Reports

Your credit assessment will begin with a request for all three of your credit reports. Three bureaus handle credit reporting, which includes Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Some creditors only report to one credit agency at a time. Thus all three reports will give the professional you’re working with the best assessment of your credit and FICO score.

Once received, your in-depth credit analysis can begin.

FICO Credit Score

A credit analysis first looks at your Fair Isaac Company (FICO) score, which is calculated based on a combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Here are the elements on your credit reports that affect your FICO Score.

Payment History (35%):

Have you ever paid a bill late? One time might not affect you too badly, but overall, creditors want to know that you will pay the balances on your accounts by the deadline. As you can see, not paying your accounts on time can affect your credit score significantly.

Balances & Limits (30%):

This is the ratio between how much you owe on your credit accounts and how much is available. It’s great to be approved for a $30,000 credit limit, but if you use all of that money too quickly, it can make you appear reckless and untrustworthy, or simply bad with money. Ideally, creditors would like you to stay below 30% of your available credit at all times.

Credit Age (15%):

This is how long you have maintained an active credit account. The longer you have maintained credit, the better it looks on your character and levels of responsibility. In addition, take care when closing your accounts, as doing so can negatively impact your credit score. Creditors looking at these items will look at the balance of the closed account, credit limit, and the amount of time you maintained the account.

New Credit (10%):

Every time you apply for credit, be it for a cell phone, car, home, or credit card, these will be marked on your credit report as “inquiries” or “hard inquiries.” These requests, along with newly established accounts within the last two years, can impact your credit score. The more you apply for credit, the more negatively it will impact your score. On the other hand, the more time that elapses from the time of your last inquiry, the more it will contribute to a higher FICO score.

Mix (10%):

If you have a wide mix of accounts, this can benefit your credit score. This isn’t a huge factor on your credit score, but it does count. For example, creditors don’t want to see merely a couple of credit card accounts on your credit report. Rather, it would be better to have an installment loan, revolving credit, a mortgage, car loan, and student loans.

Negative Items That Can Hurt Your Credit Score

Your in-depth credit analysis will put a significant focus on any negative items that can weigh your FICO score down. Late payments, charge offs, foreclosures, lawsuit judgments, closed accounts, repossessions, and liens are just some of the items that can drop your score and lower your chances of being approved for various loans.

If you have been a victim of identity theft, these will show up on your credit reports as accounts you don’t recognize. You can tell your credit repair specialist about these items to get them potentially eradicated from your report. We will cover how this process works in a moment, but just know that one or more negative items on your credit report will not bar you from being approved for loans, in most cases. It’s all about context, how much you owe, how long you’ve owed the amounts, and other factors.

Overall, it’s all about finding out how reliable you are, which is

why you’re having an in-depth credit analysis performed in the first place.

Here’s what that means.

The Purpose of an In-Depth Credit Analysis

The point of these thorough assessments is to gauge the following:

Your Character

Creditors want to know that you are of sound reputation and that you are trustworthy. By looking through your credit report, a loan officer can see how often you’ve been late, how often and how much you use the money lent to you, and whether you are reliable when it comes to paying your debts in full. Any negative elements can put a dent in your character in the eyes of creditors. Effective credit repair can remedy that perception.

Level of Responsibility

Here, creditors want to know that you are able to repay the loans on offer. Whether it’s a mortgage or car loan, creditors never want to get stuck holding the bag in case you bolt midway through your agreement. Paying your bills on time and having a credit report devoid of negative items shows that you’re good with your money, which creditors want to see before they grant you a credit approval.


Creditors like to know that you comprehend how credit works and that you have put effort into bolstering your credit however possible. When you stay below 30% of your available credit lines, never miss payments, and have a vast mixture of credit accounts, you showcase a credit report of someone who gets it, and that’s precisely the type of individual loan officers love.


Creditors want to know that you are dedicated to maintaining healthy credit long into the future. Sure, everyone can fall on hard times, and negative times in our lives can contribute to bad marks on your credit report. However, by working with a

credit repair professional

and by attempting to fix any negative items that show up on your reports, you can prove that you are of sound character and worthy of a credit account approval.

Credit Analysis vs. Credit Repair. What’s the Difference?

An in-depth credit analysis by Spearhead Credit Solutions is designed as an educational tool. By ordering an assessment of your credit reports and your FICO score, you can take control of your credit for a more financially secure future.

Credit repair can be fast, depending on your situation. To get an in-depth analysis of your credit report, call Spearhead Credit Solutions in Newport Beach, California.

What if You Have Negative Credit Items?

It is disheartening to learn that your credit report has one or more “black eyes” that will make it difficult to be approved for a car, home, or another type of loan. If that is the case, all hope is not lost.

Even if your FICO score and overall credit report appear hopeless, don’t give up. The first thing you should do is speak to your credit repair professional. Many times, negative items can be removed simply by having your credit expert mail off a request for removal. Elements like fraud and items that were reported erroneously are an easy game for these types of letters.

For items that are legitimate, sometimes these amounts can be pared down with the right negotiation tactics. Your credit repair professional knows how to fix your credit in ways that may elude the average person. All you have to do is follow the right steps, and your credit could be repaired before you know it.

Need to Fix Your Credit? We Can Help!

If your in-depth credit analysis reveals that your credit is in trouble, you might want to bolster your credit and try and boost your score before applying for a car loan, home mortgage, or another type of credit account.

Spearhead Credit Solutions offers top-notch credit repair in Newport Beach, California. We can assess your credit and all negative items to formulate a plan for improving your credit and boosting your FICO score. Your plan could include sending requests to get negative items removed from your credit reports, demanding that fraudulent information be erased, and negotiating with creditors to reduce your debt fast.

For an in-depth credit analysis in Newport Beach and to get credit repair by a company registered with the Department of Justice, call Spearhead Credit Solutions for a free consultation.

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